Fall Double Date Ideas in Chicago

Fall Double Date Ideas in Chicago

Windy City Cosmo
September 30, 2021

It wouldn’t be a fall date without pumpkin spice lattes and Rewired has specialty ones like the Pumpkin Jack Lattes, which you can enjoy by the fire on the patio.

We started our evening on the beach taking a nice stroll after work and then headed to Rewired, which was only a few blocks away. Pro tip: if you’re going during a Saturday afternoon, you can grab coffee cocktails to go and sip them on the beach.

They added a fall forward cocktails to the menu including the Pumpkin Spiced Mule. The Peaches and Dreams cocktail has a velvety texture and a crushed graham cracker rim with a whiskey base, orange butters and brown sugar.

Rewired is a cute bar and pizza place, but actually looks like a coffee shop when you pass by. People will study or read – they have bookshelves filled with books and games.

When I tasted the food, I thought, finally, intellectuals get to eat good, gourmet food. Usually coffee shops in Chicago don’t have a lot of food options, but Rewired has pizzas and gourmet apps.

Some of my faves were the apple walnut vinaigrette salad with watermelon radish, the beer battered buffalo cauliflower with house made ranch, and the beer battered fried pickles with chipolte mayo.

But save room for pizza. They make specialty pizzas including fried chicken pizza (with chicken, bell peppers, cheddar and ranch), an al pastor pizza (pork, pineapple, pickled onions and green salsa) and onion soup pizza (caramelized onions, white sauce and parmesan).

Honestly, restaurants should start serving more white sauces pizzas. They are so good!

A few rounds of pumpkin spiced drinks, and slices of pizza and a game or two, and it makes for a lovely evening.

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